11 Marketing Experts Teach You How To Generate Leads More Easily

Would you like to know how to generate leads and prospects for your business in a simple, repeatable and predictable way?

I don’t blame you.

You may have already realised (possibly through a sh*tload of trial and error) that you could save tons of time and hassle with a repeatable process that created a regular flow of enthusiastic, interested prospects who were keen to pay you for your products or services.

No more having to scrabble around every month, trying to connect with potential paying customers…

…sounds like a nice idea, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry.

You’re not the only business owner who has ever struggled to generate qualified leads.

Truth be told, most experts, consultants and micro business owners go blank at first when it comes to consistently finding new customers for their products or services.

It’s all part of the business building journey.

It was certainly part of mine when I started my language training company in 2009.

(In all honesty, I had no idea how I was supposed to even find clients when we first started out)

Truth is, the consequences of not having this kind of  system are not great:

•  You don’t have enough clients so your business eventually folds
•  You don’t have the right clients so you end up hating what you do
•  You’re always chasing prospects and hardly ever have time to chill

And that’s certainly not we want for your business.

Thank heavens there are some simple solutions out there to help.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Lead generation really doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

Oftentimes it’s simply about finding your market and offering some value to them upfront.

As luck would have it, I’ve spent the day collecting 11 of the very best lead generation resources, by some of the smartest, most switched-on marketing experts from across the interwebs.

These are tasty morsels of goodness that I’m sure you’ll find useful.

I’ve tried to present them to you in the form of  little “Lead Generation Lessons”.

There’s no big reason behind this.

It’s just more fun to imagine they are nuggets of knowledge rather than plain old blog articles.

(If you’re like me, you’re more likely to implement these strategies thinking like that anyway.)

What’s that you say?

“How do I get the most out of this article?”

Great question.

– Maybe you could dedicate a morning to devouring all these tasty #leadgen morsels.

– Maybe you could read one of the resources each week and test the tactics.

– Maybe you could share the post with your network or your clients as an act of good will.

I don’t mind either way.

My advice is to read each article and work out which method could be most relevant and effective for your business or industry…

…and then get testing and experimenting.

And remember this:

“He who dares, wins”

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

•  How to generate B2B leads and find prospects using Linkedin
 How to get more qualified leads via your website or blog
•  How to package your expertise into premium content and generate leads with it
•  How to best capitalise on the traffic that’s coming to your site for lead generation
•  How to use video marketing to generate more potential clients 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into it and learn how to generate leads without the guesswork.

11 Lessons On #LeadGen

#1: How to Use the News Stream to Generate Leads

If your ideal client spends time on Linkedin, then you’ll want to check out this article by Alex Hisaka on the Linkedin Sales blog.

Alex outlines some simple strategies for connecting with the right kind of prospects on the world’s largest business network.

how to generate leads from Linkedin


#2: How To Generate Leads With SEO

SEO is a superb way to get found by the right kind of potential clients.

Read this article by Pauline Cabrera over at the SEMRush blog, for some advanced tips and insights on SEO Lead Generation and Content Marketing. This is a superb article.

how to generate leads with SEO


#3: How To Generate More Leads? 7 Top Ideas

Did you know, as an expert, you can use your knowledge and wisdom to attract prospective clients?

In this in -depth article on the Business2Community blog, Juan Pablo highlights 7 ways to get more leads by using away high-value content funnels.

  #Tip: Package and share your knowledge to attract the right clients #inbound #leadgen Click To Tweet

#4: Traffic Doesn't Equal Revenue

This is a killer article by Natalija Pavic on the Pardot blog with some seriously excellent strategies on how to get more qualified leads for your business.

Focusing on attracting your ideal client rather than simply "firing at the horizon" is the key takeaway here.


#5: Facebook™ Ads + Direct Mail to Get Leads

The Facebook™ Ad Platform offers one of the most powerful tools for online lead generation available today.

In this article, Brad Smith from Adespresso explains how to integrate Facebook Ads with Direct Mail. If you think Direct Mail is outdated, think again and read this.

how to generate more leads with facebook and direct mail


#6: How to Generate Leads With Video Marketing

Are you using video to get yourself and your business seen by your prospects?

If you are and you'd like to maximise your video content with a solid lead generation strategy on top, then Ted Vrountas from Instapage shares some insane stats and strategies to help you do it.

how to generate leads with video marketing


 #7: How to Generate More Sales Opportunities

If you sell B2B and you'd like to know how to use your blog to generate more leads, this is the article for you.

Johanna Rivard from Marketing Insider Group unpacks the best tactics and strategies on how to generate sales opportunities by publishing highly-valuable blog content.

how to generate leads with blogging


#8: 5 Lead Gen Ideas to Increase Conversion Rates

Your website is a prime source for generating leads. But what happens when no-one subscribes, opts in or signs up for your lead magnet or blog?

How do you improve conversion rates?  Lindsay Kolowich from Hubspot shares 5 simple ways to generate more leads via your site.

how to generate leads from your website


#9: 13 Ridiculously Clever Lead Generation Tactics

Looking for a few quick and easy tactics to increase the number of leads you're currently getting?

Jeff Bullas, marketing genius extraordinaire, has put together 13 super simple ways to do it. You could implement some of this stuff in less than 1 hour.

how to generate more leads - 10 ridiculous tactics Jeff Bullas


#10: 9 Lead Generation Mistakes That Need To Stop!

Let's be frank. If you're reading this article, you want to know how to generate more leads, right? In that case there are probably a few key mistakes that you have been making . Lindsay shares 9 of the most common lead generation mistakes and how to avoid them.

how to generate leads - mistakes you might be making


#11: 10 Local Lead Generation Tips For Local Businesses

Local business often struggle most to generate a steady flow of good leads. In this article (and infographic) by Justin Herring, CEO of YEAH! Local, you'll find 10 ways to implement a more effective lead gen strategy and discover how to generate leads consistently..

how to generate leads for local businesses

Ready To Implement?

So there we have it.

11 lessons on how to generate more leads for your business.

Did any of them grab your attention? 

Go back and study them now if so.

And then experiment...

...experiment and measure your results.

Because the magic of these lessons lies in testing them out.

There's no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to the delicate art of creating clients.

Now, here's your homework:

"Spend 15 minutes studying each article listed here. Note down which 3 lead generation tactics you think might work for your business. Then try each one of them out over the period of a week and record the results."

Once you've done that, check back here and share your results with me in the comments.

Knowing how to generate leads for your business is paramount to it's success.

How are you currently getting leads?

Did I miss any key tactics out in this post?

What do you struggle with most when it comes to lead generation and client creation?

Would you be open to sharing your #leadgen tips 'n' tactics?

What have you learned about how to generate leads in your industry or niche?

Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments. I always reply to every comment I get.

(PS. If you'd like to contact me about this article, click here to send me a message)

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